You know you’re attached to someone when you’ve gotten so used to talking to them on a daily basis and they’ve become a part of your happiness. But when you guys don’t talk, it’s like a part of you is gone and you just start to miss them uncontrollably.

((Is this ever going to be an RP blog again, who knoooows?))

((I just want to RP cute shippy things, is that too much to ask?))



I’m sorry but… LGBTQIA?? I just had to copy-paste that because it’s sooo long. LOL
Why? Why do queers have to make this so difficult? I mean, could you pick a more fake and unnecessarily long name for yourselves?

Funny how you say LGBTQIA is “too long and fake sounding,” but there you are on your blog all like


Send me a ♥ + a URL and I’ll list 5 things I like about them.


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