RPers! Raise your hand if you have no fear in killing your own character.




Reblog this if you’re not afraid to let your character die. (Or possibly if you even enjoy killing them.)

I don’t want to but I’m not scared about it either!!

((Lol I have killed Jack before. XD Or maybe swirlingfrost did it. Eh! We both did it. XD We conspired to kill Jack. It was sad and glorious))

I’ve killed characters before, and I’d do it to Tooth too. -Shrug-

Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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RWBY fandom needs to remember WAFFLEO

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Shipping something your friend does not can be so incredibly painful. And it pretty much happens with everything. Damn.

Yesterday I hung out with my RWBY friends and just realized that if you write what we were doing as the characters we cosplay it’s pretty friggin hilarious.


While Nora went to an ice cream social, Ren drove over to Ruby and Sun’s place where Adam spent the night and they all ate breakfast Ruby made. Adam proceeded to give Ren, Sun, and Ruby a bit of lessons in wushu and then Ren lessons in ballroom dancing. They then all went to the playground where Adam taught them parkour and Nora showed up and started taking pictures of Sun’s butt while Ruby cracked jokes and Ren practiced falling. Sun and Adam started doing more fancy martial art moves but Adam hurt his ankle so all five went back to Ruby’s for thai food and watched Red vs Blue where Ren fell asleep on the couch and everyone petted kitties.

And then the kitties left Nora so she petted Adam and Ren instead.

omg, but I love all the RWBY stuff! it makes this blog have two of the coolest things I love :D

Y’hear that mom? I’m on my way to being cool. -dramatic flex-

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Okay, okay! So I am sure my followers are tired of seeing all the RWBY stuff on this ROTG RP blog. I am really trying to get back to Tooth, so I am sorry. Also, I suck at tagging things, because I usually ctrl-click reblog. So I am gonna probably make a personal blog for once and finally stop spamming this one… oooooor just actually start tagging. WE SHALL SEE… once I am more awake.

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